Israel’s Economy Minister, Naftali Bennett, stated that Israel should never allow the establishment of a Palestinian State, and should never “give the Palestinians any piece of land”.Bennett, who is also the head of the Jewish Home Party, told Israeli TV that “President Mahmoud Abbas does not want peace”, and alleged that “the Palestinians always try to kill the Israelis”. He claimed he “respects” peace agreements previously signed with the Palestinians, but will not support or accept future peace agreements.

“Whenever we give the Palestinians any piece of land, they would want to kill more of us”, he said, “You must understand that the solution is a complete separation, and dividing the West Bank into three areas”.

The official further stated that he “will not allow the government to grant the Palestinians any land”, and that “for the coming thirty years, Israel will only be facing Palestinian terrorism”.

The news anchor who was interviewing Bennett eventually argued with him for his extreme views, and told him that he should leave the government if he does not approve of its policies”. She also told him that he appears to be in the government just to obstruct any possibility of peace with the Palestinians.

Israel’s occupation of Palestine and its settlements, in the occupied territories, are illegal under International Law, while the army and Israeli settlers continue their violations and assaults against the Palestinians, their land and holy sites.