[Monday, December 2, 2013] Dozens of Israeli soldiers invaded the Najada area, in Al-‘Oja in the West Bank district of Jericho, and demolished two homes and four sheds. Soldiers also surrounded a number of homes and tents in the area.The Palestinian News & Info Agency (WAFA) has reported that the soldiers invaded the area approximately at six in the morning. It said that several Israeli military jeeps surrounded the area declaring it a closed military zone, before invading it and demolishing the two homes and four structures.

The army is threatening to demolish fifteen homes in the area, under the pretext of being built without construction permits.

Governor of Hebron and the Palestinian Plains, Majed Al-Fityani, denounced the Israeli assault, and said that Israel is ongoing with its illegitimate polices against Palestinian homes and structures in the Jericho district. He said that the army repeatedly declares the area a “closed military zone”, and continues to harass the residents and destroy their property in an attempt to force them out of their lands.

The latest violation is part of ongoing Israeli assaults against the Palestinians in Jericho, as the army has destroyed and demolished hundreds of homes and structures in the area.