[Friday, December 13, 2013] Despite the extreme snowstorm hitting different parts of occupied Palestine, dozens of Israeli soldiers invaded the Shweika village, near the northern West Bank city of Tulkarem, broke into a home and violently searched the premises.The Palestine News Network (PNN) has reported that the soldiers invaded the village at approximately 1:30 AM, and raided the home of Yahia Mahdawy.

PNN said that the soldiers conducted violent searches in the home, causing anxiety attacks amongst family members, especially the children, as the soldiers were shouting and pointing their guns at them before forcing them into a room, as they searched the rest of the property for several hours.

Mahdawi told PNN that the soldiers left his home at approximately 5:30 AM, leaving excessive damages to furniture and family belongings.

He added that the soldiers did not even allow the family to ask them about the cause of the raid, or what they were searching for.

The invasion is part of repeated Israeli violations targeting the Palestinians in different parts of occupied Palestine.

Such invasions frequently end with several arrests and excessive property damage to dozens of homes and cars.

Israeli soldiers frequently detonate the doors of the invaded homes, instead of knocking or simply breaking the doors.