Last week, an ad for a vacant apartment in occupied Jerusalem was published on a famous Israeli social website; after detailing the specifications of the property, the price and whatever else, it went on to say, “rent is only for Jews”.The advertisement states that the apartment in located in the French Hill in Jerusalem, “great view… close to transportation and Only for Jews”.

The Arabs48 news website phoned the advertiser of the property, asking about the issue, and was told that he “follows the Torah”, and only rents to Jews.

A Reporter of the Arabs48 tried to get more information, but when the Jewish-Israeli man realized that he was speaking to an Arab, he disconnected the call.

Many Arabs in historic Palestine complained about the issue, and stated that such racist issues are increasing in Israel, and not only when it comes to renting apartments.

Back in 2010, 18 prominent Israeli Rabbis, including the chief rabbi in Safad, issued a document calling on Jews not to rent or sell apartments to non-Jews.

One of the rabbis who signed the document is Shmuel Eliyahu, known for his inflammable, racist statements against the Arabs.

They said that there “has been an increase” in the number of Arab students in Safad, an issue which increased demand for rent, and that this decree comes to limit the number of Arabs in the city.