Israeli forces detained on Monday, January 27, 2014 European Press Agency photographer Abed El-Hafiz Al-Hashlamoon and WAFA Agency photographer Ahmed Mizher, during their coverage of the clashes which erupted between Palestinian citizens and occupation forces in Khilat Alnahl area near the city of Bethlehem, The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) said in a press release.According to the Palestinian News News Network (PNN), Al-hashlamoon reported to the MADA that Israeli occupation forces searched, insulted, and detained them for about an hour and half.

In a related incident, Israeli forces attacked on Friday, January 24, 2014, the French agency photographer Jafaar Ishteya, when he was covering the Kafir Kadoum village north of West Bank weekly demonstration against the wall and the settelment.

Ishteya reported to MADA that ‘During our coverage of the Kafir Kadoum weekly demonstration, as usual, we stood on a specific side to be clear to the army that we are journalists so we don’t get targeted. I was wearing the appropriate journalist attire a phosphoric painted jacket with the word ‘press’ written on it. Since this morning, a soldier got out from behind the wall and began firing volleys of tear gas, by an automatic weapon, on journalists. I raised my hand to my face for protection but got slammed and was hit by a bomb in my right hand. The injury was minor, and I have received treatment. This was my first injury.’

Ishteya added that ‘once the demonstrators’ number increased and clashes erupted, the army began firing tear gas; I was standing with three colleagues when we were targeted deliberately and directly with tear gas bombs. I was the closest to the soldiers. I was hit with a bomb straight from the back that hit my right shoulder. I passed out on the ground for seconds, and my jacket burned, my shoulder was bleeding. So, the men rushed me to an ambulance which transferred me to the hospital for treatment.’

This wasn’t the first time Ishtaeya was attacked by Israeli soldiers. On August 17, 2012, a group of Israeli soldiers beat Ishteya with bats and broke his right arm during his coverage of the Kafir Kadoum weekly demonstration.

MADA Condemns Israeli violations against journalists and calls on the international community to pressure Israeli authorities to stop their attacks and hold aggressors accountable.