[Monday, February 24, 2014] The Israeli Military Censorship Department claimed that the police, with the Internal Security Agency, managed to uncover a Hamas-run cell over the last few months, and arrested 15 young men from Beit ‘Or Al-Tihta, near the Central West Bank city of Ramallah. Israel claimed that Palestinians hurled Molotov Cocktails and stones at settlers’ vehicles driving on road #443 leading to West Bank settlements, causing property damage and several injuries.

The report indicated that some members of the alleged cell have been previously kidnapped and imprisoned by the Israeli military.

Furthermore, Israeli daily Maariv quoted Israeli security officials, stating that the interrogation of the detained cell members also led to the arrest of a Hamas cell that was reportedly responsible for planting an explosive charge which detonated near an Israeli military jeep on road #443.

It added that three of the detained Palestinians, one of them identified as Mos’ab Ibrahim Badran, 27, “confessed” to membership of the cell, and that Badran confessed to forming the cell, according to the Israeli report.