Attorneys of the Palestinian Ministry of Detainees Affairs expressed grave concerns over the health status of several Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli prisons.
The health status of several Palestinian prisoners is extremely worrisome as they suffer from serious spreading diseases, especially malignant tumors, disabilities and palsy (paralyses), coupled with deliberate medical negligence.

WAFA reports that the health status of Yusri ‘Attya, sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment in Eshel, is extremely serious, as he suffers from lymphatic cancer that is spreading to new parts of his body, attorney Rami al-‘Alami said.

The health status of Muʻtasem Raddad, a prisoner sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment in Hadarim, is deteriorating every day as he suffers from intestinal cancer and massive bleeding (hemorrhage), according to attorney Ashraf al-Khatib.

Al-Khatib added that Muʻtasem is supposed to undergo a surgery to excise his intestines and that he suffers from intestinal bleeding, anemia, weight loss, arthritis, and chronic blood pressure.

He considered the Israeli court’s refusal to release Muʻtasem before the end of his sentence as ‘a decision to assassinate him’ since the court is aware of his serious status.

The health status of Salah ad-Din al-Titi, detained in al-Ramleh hospital, is also extremely serious as he suffers from congenital problems and had undergone ten surgeries before his imprisonment. He also suffers from several health problems and pains including in the kidney, bladder and high blood pressure.

As for the health status of Sudqi al-Tamimi, he can’t walk without canes as he suffers from back and leg spasms and asphyxia. The medicines he and the other sick prisoners take are expired, which is causing grave fear and concern among prisoner, according to attorney Muʻtaz Shqirat.