The Israeli Magistrate Court’s judge, in occupied Jerusalem, extended the detention of four Jerusalemite prisoners, releasing two with conditions.Israeli forces arrested them last Wednesday, after clashes erupted in Al-Aqsa mosque.

He added that the judge released Amro Abu Arafa on bail of 3,000 NIS.

Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency reports that Israeli intelligence demanded the extention of Abu Arafa’s detention for five days, claiming that he threw Molotov cocktails, stones and bombs at them inside of the mosque.

The judge released Munir Albalbisi, 17, and prevented him from entering al-Aqsa Mosque for 60 days.

The lawyer added that the judge extended the detention of Mohammed and Ibrahim Alian to April 24, when they will be interrogated; they were arrested on April 11.

According to reports by local sources, Israeli forces arrested six Palestinian citizens and led them to al-Qashla interrogation center in Jerusalem, on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning.