[Thursday, April 24, 2014] The Ahrar Center for Detainees’ Studies and Human Rights has reported that the Israeli Prison Administration decided to move several detainees, including detained legislators, from the Ofer prison to Hadarim and Ramla prisons.The move came after all detainees, held under arbitrary administrative detention orders, started an open-ended hunger strike, demanding an end to their illegitimate imprisonment.

Fuad al-Khoffah, head of the Ahrar Center, stated that the Prison Administration decided to transfer all Administrative Detainees to different prisons.

Al-Khuffash added that among the detained legislators, who will be moved to Hadarim and Ramla prisons, are Mohammad Jamal Natsha, Abdul-Jabbar Foqaha, and Mohammad Maher Bader.

He further stated that the prison administration tried to present what it called offers to the detainees, in an attempt to stop their strike, but the prisoners say they are determined to go ahead with their planned strike, demanding an end to their illegitimate imprisonment.

The detainees decided to hold their strike after extensive talks between detained leaders of all factions.

Palestinian political prisoners repeatedly held hunger strikes, including extended strikes, in demand of Israel to treat them in accordance with international law, including the right to education, adequate and healthy living environment, the right to adequate medical treatment, and demanding Israel to stop its harassment of their visiting family members, including attempts to strip search them.

Despite repeated vows and various agreements, Israel continues to violate all agreements reached with the detainees.