On June 6, which coincides with the 46th anniversary of Israel’s illegal occupation of Jerusalem, representatives of more than 45 countries will peacefully march on Israeli embassies, or as close to Jerusalem as they can safely get, thus demanding an end to Israeli destruction of world heritage sites and breaches of international law in Jerusalem.The multi-cultural, multi-religious, multi-lingual multi-factional ‘Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ) this year promises to be the biggest yet, reports Julie Webb-Pullman via Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency:

At the first GMJ 2014 press conference, on Saturday, at the Palestinian Legislative Council in Gaza, Dr. Ahmad Abo Halabiya, member of the GMJ International Committee and coordinator of GMJ-Gaza Strip stood with co-member and Christian Dr. Attallah Tarazi to call on Christians and Muslims alike to join the march, saying that Jerusalem and Al Aqsa Mosque are important historical and religious sites for everyone.

“Jerusalem is facing sustained attacks by Israel, which is trying to Judaize Jerusalem and extinguish the Muslim and Christian identities,” he said. “There are ongoing attacks against both Muslim and Christian worshippers, preventing them from freely practising their religions.”

“Practices like digging tunnels under Al Aqsa Mosque to undermine the foundations and cause it to collapse represent attempts to pave the way for building an Israeli temple on the site of Al Aqsa,” noted Dr. Halabiya, adding that confiscation of vast tracts of land, the demolition of Jerusalemite’s homes, and the closing of thousands of Jerusalem organisations all testify to Israeli attempts to illegally impose its sovereignty over the city.

These activities are considered to breach several international instruments, including the four Geneva Conventions (1949), the Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict of 1954, and the Convention for the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage of 1972.

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