12 May, 2014
Dear supporters,

This weekend representatives of the Gaza’s Ark steering committee met with our Flotilla Coalition partners in London, England, and this morning we are standing together to tell the world that our campaign to challenge the blockade will not be deterred by threats or by violence.

The media statement from our London press conference is here.

With your support, we got within a few weeks of having the Ark ready to sail. With your ongoing help, we will repair the Ark and be ready to sail in the next few months – we will keep supporters informed.

We have been touched by the many expressions of solidarity with the Palestinians of Gaza which we have received in the last two weeks. What we need now is for you, your families, friends, co-workers and organizations to all get on board and support this campaign. Please support us now as generously as you can, and please forward this message to any of your contacts who you think would like to support this campaign.

Please click here to donate. Thank you so much!

In solidarity,
Gaza’s Ark Steering Committee

Editor’s note: At 3:45 AM Gaza time, on April 29th, the night guard on board Gaza’s Ark received a call to leave the boat because it was going to be attacked.

(See related link below for details.)