[Tuesday, May 20, 2014] The Arabs48 news website has reported that unity and government formation talks between the Fateh and Hamas movement, as well as other factions, are advancing, and that the files of Interior and Finance Ministries could be resolved soon.It said that talks are currently ongoing to determine the names of Palestinian figures who will be in charge of the two ministries.

Senior Palestinian sources told Arabs48 that there are no conflicts, or differences, that could obstruct the formation of the interim unity government, as the difference right now or on certain names, and that the two files could be agreed upon in the near future.

The sources added that the upcoming unity government would focus on preparing for new legislative, presidential and local councils elections, and on unifying the political leadership in Gaza and the West Bank.

The two tasks would be accompanied by ensuring all services are provided to the Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) would run political affairs.

On Monday, Secretary of the Revolutionary Council of the Fateh Movement, Amin Maqboul, stated that the final touches are being made before declaring the new government, and that President Mahmoud Abbas will be choosing 16 ministers of the interim government he would head.