[Sunday, June 15, 2014] Dozens of Israeli soldiers invaded the West Bank city of Bethlehem, and the nearby city of Beit Jala, installed roadblocks, and conducted military searches. Soldiers also attacked journalists.Local sources in Bethlehem have reported that the army invaded Bab az-Qaq area in Bethlehem city, stopped and searched dozens of Palestinian cars, and interrogated the residents.

The army also invaded and searched several homes in the area, and interrogated the families.

In addition, more than seven armored Israeli military vehicles invaded Beit Jala city, west of Bethlehem, and installed roadblocks before stopping dozens of Palestinian cars and searching them.

The army held and interrogated dozens of residents while inspecting their ID Cards, the Ma’an News Agency has reported.

The Israeli military said shots were fired at the roadblock of the District Coordination Office (DCO), causing no damage or injuries, adding that the soldiers closed it and sealed the entire area.

The soldiers closed all western entrances of Bethlehem city and conducted military searches.

On Sunday morning, soldiers placed Bethlehem and Hebron districts under a strict military siege, and kidnapped dozens of Palestinians in different parts of the occupied West Bank.