Forensic pathologists, following a recent autopsy and exhumation, have determined that a live bullet was the cause of death for Nadim Nawarah, aged 17, one of two Palestinian teenagers who were killed by Israeli forces, last May, during Nakba Day solidarity protests in the West Bank.DCI-Palestine reports that the autopsy was undertaken at Al-Quds University’s Institute of Forensic Medicine in Abu Dis, and revealed that the entry and exit wounds were caused by a bullet. Metallic fragments were also recovered, and are presumed to be lead from the bullet’s core.

Israeli forces have consistently denied that live ammunition was employed during the incident.

The family of the second victim, Muhammad Salameh (Abu Daher), aged 16, declined an autopsy. Field research and medical evidence, however, strongly suggest that he too was shot with live ammunition, according to DCI-Palestine.