An unidentified Palestinian man was critically wounded Friday night when he was shot in the chest by Israeli troops near the electrified fence surrounding the Gaza Strip, according to the Ma’an News Agency. The incident took place in central-eastern Gaza.The agency reports that the Israeli military told them that they fired at several people near the border who they suspected of trying to plant explosive devices.

No such explosive devices were located.

Israeli troops also fired tank mortar shells into eastern Rafah on Friday, but no injuries were reported from that attack.

The Israeli military told reporters from the BBC that a total of six homemade shells were fired from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel on Friday, causing no injuries. One of the shells reportedly cut a power line to a house in Sderot.

As the nightly Israeli air raids in Gaza continue for the sixth straight day, the Hamas government told a BBC reporter that they were willing to call for a ceasefire if Israel agreed to stop its nightly air raids.

Israeli officials told the same reporter that it is up to Hamas to declare a unilateral ceasefire, and then Israel will see what it will do.