Over the past week, since the bodies of three Israeli settlers were found by police near Hebron, the streets of Jerusalem and areas near Israeli settlements in the West Bank have become ‘no go’ zones for Palestinian civilians, as mobs of angry Israelis roam the streets attacking random civilians.Here’s a summary of the attacks carried out since Monday 6/30:

June 30:
On the night of Monday June 30th, in two separate incidents, Israeli settlers in Hebron marched through the streets and wounded 19-year old Sajed Sultan in the head. In Bethlehem the same night, an Israeli settler intentionally hit Sanabel Attous, age 9, with his car, then drove away, leaving her critically wounded in a ditch.

Israeli leaders and officials stepped up the anti-Palestinian statements that had begun nearly 3 weeks before when the settlers disappeared. On June 30th, former Israeli Knesset (Parliament) member posted a video Monday called Palestinian children “little terrorists”, and called for “Death to the enemy, evacuation, and wiping off of [their] smile”, according to a translation by the Electronic Intifada.

EI also quoted Tzachi Hanegbi, a former cabinet minister from the ruling Likud party, as saying, “I don’t know how many Hamas leaders will remain alive after tonight.”

A number of attacks took place late Monday night in Jerusalem, after groups of right-wing Israelis took to the streets chanting ‘Death to Arabs’. In one incident, a number of settlers assaulted a Palestinian taxi driver, spraying pepper gas into his face. He was taken to a hospital, following the incident.

July 1:
On Tuesday, July 1st, according to witnesses, a Palestinian child escaped a kidnapping attempt by a settler in Jerusalem. Apparently, the settler attempted to force the child into his car in Shu’fat, outside of Jerusalem, where residents managed to pry him out of the setter’s hands. The child was transferred to the hospital for treatment.

July 2:
A group of right-wing Israelis abducted 16-year old Mohammed Abu Khdeir from outside a mosque, took him to an isolated area, beat him and lit him on fire. The 16-year old burned to death, and his body was discovered by police several hours later.

The death of Abu Khdeir set off protests across Jerusalem, and Israeli police responded with lethal and less-than-lethal weapons, wounding 212 Palestinians between Wednesday the 2nd and Thursday the 3rd.

Also Wednesday, Israeli settlers set fire, today, to an agricultural barrack on a sheep farm located in the provincial village of Aqraba, south of Nablus.

July 3:
On Thursday, July 3rd, 15-year old U.S. citizen Tariq Abu Khdeir from Tampa, Florida, the cousin of the 16-year old who had been brutally murdered the previous day, was grabbed by Israeli officers and beaten badly, in an attack that was captured on tape and garnered worldwide attention.

In the village of Osrin, on Thursday, a Palestinian youth named Zeyad Adili, age 22, was admitted to a hospital with injuries nearly leading to the amputation of his leg, after Israeli settlers attacked him with an axe and tried to cut off his leg, south of Nablus.

Also Thursday, a group of Israeli settlers led by mayor of the illegal Ma’ale Adumim settlement, Benny Kashriel, set up a tent in Area E1, between the settlement and Jerusalem. Mayor Kashriel requested that Israeli authorities build new settlement units in the area, in response to the deaths of the three Israeli settlers. Construction in E1 is very controversial, as the construction of settlements in this region will create a physical link between Ma’ale Adumim and Jerusalem, dividing East Jerusalem from the rest of the West Bank and its Palestinian population centers.

July 4:
On Friday July 4th, dozens of settlers installed four mobile homes on Palestinian lands, east of Teqoua’. In Surif, near Hebron, a number of settlers installed mobile homes, west of the town. And Israeli settlers placed mobile homes on locally-owned land adjacent to Roman, to facilitate its expansion.

Also on Friday, to the east of Bethlehem, a Palestinian teenager ‘Ala ‘Abayyat, 17, was run over by an Israeli settler near Kisan.

July 5:
On Saturday, July 5th, a number of settlers from the illegal Kiryat Arba settlement, east of Hebron, attacked a defenseless 30-year-old Palestinian man, severely wounding him throughout his body.

In Ya‘bad, to the southwest of Jenin, Israeli settlers from Mabo Dothan and Harmish, also illegal settlements, invaded the entrance of the city, where they burned tires. They then infiltrated nearby agricultural lands. Under the protection of Israeli forces, they drove their cars along Ya‘bad and Kfiret junction in a provocative manner, hoisting Israeli flags and chanting racist slogans, according to WAFA. Forces set up a roadblock at the entrance of Ya‘bad, preventing villagers from travelling in and out of the village.

Also on Saturday, Israeli settlers paved a bypass road on Palestinian-owned land in Taqou‘, east of Bethlehem. In addition, settlers began planting on Palestinian land near the outpost of Roman, with the intention of completely taking it over.

July 6:
Confrontations erupted between Israeli settlers and Palestinian citizens of Eynabus, to the south of Nablus, after the settlers stormed the village and assaulted its citizens

July 7:
On Monday, July 7th, Palestinian villagers in al-Bathan and al-Naqura confronted Israeli settlers as they tried to storm the two villages.

In a separate incident, armed Israel settlers attempted to kidnap a Palestinian child, after chasing him for more than a kilometer along a road near Hebron. A similar report has surfaced in Beit Sahour, near Bethlehem.

The settler attacks against Palestinians are continuing at the time of this article.

It should be noted that during the past week of Israeli settler and military attacks against Palestinians, no Israelis have been wounded.

Seven Palestinians have been killed in the past week.

Prior to the last week, violence had already been escalating against Palestinian civilians. 13 Palestinians were killed between June 12th, when the three Israeli settlers were reported missing, and June 30th, when their bodies were found: