A vast number of Turkish Universities have issued a joint statement condemning Israel’s ongoing Gaza offensive which, since July 7, has as of today resulted in the deaths of over 500 Palestinians — mostly civilians — including infants, elderly and disabled, and even entire families.The statement, which was signed by university presidents, according to Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency, declared that ‘all types of academic, cultural and social relations will cease with Israeli universities which fail to condemn the Israeli massacre, or until the massacre ends and the Gaza blockade by Israel is lifted.’

The statement further reads:

‘We will support all initiatives by Israeli universities, Jewish scientists and communities who come out against Israel in support of the oppressed people of Palestine with the aim of ending this massacre.’

Aid campaigns for Gaza will be started in the universities, as well, along with efforts to raise further awareness on the international level.

Israel’s current military operation, the self-proclaimed ‘Operation Protective Edge,’ is the third major offensive against Gaza by Israel in the last six years.

Al Ray further reports that all legal procedures will be followed to ensure Israel pays compensation for casualties inflicted upon Gaza, and to bring Israeli officials to trial for their part in the massacre.

‘United Nations Security Council, tasked with protecting the international order, although they have failed many times, is expected to agree on and apply a resolution listing sanctions for Israel,’ the statement added.

‘It is not comprehensible why the UN have not given Israel UN sanctions before considering Israel has never abided by UN resolutions.’

Support for Gaza and Palestinians around the world has been championed by Turkish activists, over the years, at times resulting in serious injury and even death.

This past Friday, riots ensued in Ankara, where hundreds pelted the residence of a top Israeli diplomat with stones, while Istanbul police unleashed water cannons on protesters trying to enter the Israeli Consulate grounds in the city.

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