Media reports are now surfacing to declare that, upon talks between political officials and UN chief Ban Ki-moon — who asserted his ‘hope and belief’ that an end to the conflict in Gaza could be ‘very near’ — international airlines have ceased flights to and from Israel indefinitely, citing security concerns.According to British national daily newspaper, The Guardian, Delta was the first carrier to halt flights, diverting the path of 273 travelers enroute to Paris through Ben Gurion airport, following ‘reports of a rocket or associated debris near the airport in Tel Aviv’.

Other major US carriers, including US Airways and United Airlines, have also said they were cancelling service to Tel Aviv.

Major European carriers followed their US counterparts as well, on Tuesday, Ma’an stated, suspending all flights to Israel, due to the chaos and internal unrest now engulfing the region.

Air France, Brussels Airlines and Lufthansa (to include Lufthansa subsidiaries Austrian Airlines, Germanwings and Swiss) have all been reported to be cancelling or diverting flights flights through Israel.

Lufthansa stated that affected tickets could either be reimbursed or exchanged.

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