The bodies of Palestinian families killed overnight in Khuza’a, in eastern Khan Younis, continue to be pulled from the rubble and identified, as air strikes and tank shelling continue throughout Thursday afternoon and evening.

A child from the Qdeih family, which already suffered the loss of two family members in a pre-dawn airstrike on Thursday, has been identified as:
1. Anas Hatem Qdeih, 7, Khuza’a, Khan Younis.

Also, a second family member from the Abu Yousef family has been identified as:
2. Hanafi Mahmoud Abu Yousef, 42, Khuza’a, Khan Younis.

In Sheja’eyya, a bomb which struck the market killed:
3. Abdel Aziz Nour El Din Noor, 21, Sheja’eyya.

In Rafah, a bomb hit a group of children and youth in the street, killing three and wounding several more. One child was identified as:
4. Amir Islam Adel, 9, Rafah.

That bomb also killed brothers:
5. Amir Adel Siam Siam 13 years
6. Issam Faisal Siam 23 years

Also in Rafah, an Israeli bomb killed:
7. Mahmoud Silmy Rowaished, 50.

In central Gaza, the bombing of the al-Bureij refugee camp has resulted in the death of:
8. Ahmed Abu Jm’ean Hji’er 19, Al-Bureij.

And in the northern Gaza Strip, Israeli bombardment claimed the life of:
9. Amer Abdul-Raouf Mohamed El Azab, 26, Deir al-Balah.

Twelve paramedics who were attempting to retrieve bodies from Khuza’a in eastern Khan Younis were detained by the Israeli military for several hours and prevented from reaching the killed and injured. They were eventually released.

Another Palestinian pulled from the rubble in Shuja’eyya was brought to Shifa hospital in Gaza City on Thursday, identified as:
10. Sa’er Owda Shamaly, 19

Two Palestinians, who were taken to Egypt for treatment of critical injuries sustained during Israeli bombardment, died in hospitals there, and their bodies have been returned to Gaza. They have been identified as:
11. Mohammed Yousef Al-Qadi, 27
12. Yasmin Ahmed Abu Moor, 27

In Khan Younis, four additional people were killed in an Israeli attack Friday afternoon:
13. Mohammed Rateb Abu Jazr, 26.
14. Hisham Mohammad Abu Jazr, 23.
15. Mohammed Farhan Abu Jazr, 19.
16. Shadi Suleiman Kawar’e, 31.

The seventeen people killed in the bombing of a United Nations school in Beit Hanoun include a number of women and children who sought shelter there, after Israeli forces ordered them to leave their homes.

Most of those killed have not yet been identified. So far, medical sources have identified:
17. Ra’ed Abu Owda 17

The others killed on Thursday afternoon are still awaiting identification.

The wounded continue to pour in to already overwhelmed hospitals, which are running out of even the most basic medical supplies.