Dozens of Israeli soldiers and members of the Jerusalem City Council invaded, Wednesday, the Ein al-Louza area, in Silwan town, in occupied East Jerusalem, and handed a family orders for the destruction of their buildings.Israel alleges the constructions are without a permit, and that they are located in what it described as “a green area”, although the family owns the land.

The family said the orders target two residential buildings belonging to Hammouda and his brother Mahran Siyam.

They said the two buildings were built more than ten years ago, and are home to 20 family members.

The first building has four apartments on two floors, and the second has one apartment.

The family already paid more than 650.000 NIS in fines, and repeatedly tried to obtain all legal documents but Israel kept rejecting their applications, the Maan News Agency said.

The Palestinians are largely denied construction permits in occupied Jerusalem, and cannot even modify their existing homes and buildings, while Israel continues to illegally confiscate Palestinian lands for the construction and expansion of Jewish-only settlements.

The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) stated in a previous report that the Palestinians continue to endure violence, displacement, disposition and deprivation largely in direct violation of International Law.

It said around 27000 Palestinian structures have been demolished by Israel in occupied Jerusalem and the rest of the occupied West Bank since it illegally captured the territory in 1967.

ICAHD added that, in 2014, Israel demolished 329 Palestinian structures, displacing 629 Palestinians.