His children were waiting for the day when they would buy new clothes, books and pencils before the new school year started, they were playing and laughing with their mother and father, when Israel’s shells came and took their lives along with their mother.Their remains were scattered among the Jasmines, lemon trees and roses the family planted in their garden, while the smell of blood became mixed with the smell of mint and roses.

Two missiles, fired by an Israeli drone into their home, killed the family, before the children managed to buy their new clothes, books and pencils for school.

The missiles of hatred killed the mother, and her four children, and wounded the father, while their fifth brother remains fighting for his life at the Intensive Care Unit.

The family of Mustafa Jouda lived in Tal az-Za’tar in Jabalia city, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

The father remained alive, his sons Mohammad, 8, Osama, 7, and his daughters, Tasneem, 14, Raghd, 13, and their mother, Rawiya, 40, were all killed, while the fifth brother is still fighting for his life.

“We were sitting in our garden, trying to escape the heat inside our house, there is no electricity due to the ongoing bombardment”, the father said, “My wife wanted to go to the kitchen to prepare food, I wanted in to help, knowing my children are safe in the garden, playing around the trees I planted”.

When it was about four in the afternoon, on August 24, the Israeli missiles were faster than the family dreams and aspirations, and took their lives away.

Barely able to speak, with soaked eyes, a hoarse voice and a heavy heart, the father recalled how excited his son Mohammad had been to go to school for the first time as a first grader .

However, Israel was faster, in robbing the dreams and aspirations of little Mohammad and of hundreds of children who were killed, and thousands who were wounded.

As for his living son, Tha’er, 11 years of age, the father still doesn’t know what to tell him, he keeps asking about his mother, brothers and sisters, how can he tell him they are all gone, the once happy family is gone by Israel’s missiles of hate and annihilation.

“Tha’er is still in a critical condition; he suffered very serious injuries, whenever he briefly wakes up, he asks for them”, the father added, “My son lost a leg, lost his arms, fragmentation all over his body, he also has several burns in his face, and head”.

The only remaining family members are his son Mustafa, who studies abroad, and one of his daughters, along with his seriously wounded son Tha’er.

“What is the world doing, where is the outrage, the International Community”, the father said, “Israel is wiping out entire families, and the world is watching…”

His neighbors and friends rushed to the house after the missiles struck, Abu Mohammad was among the first to arrive.

“The scene was so difficult, we saw heavy smoke, we heard shouts and cries of pain”, the neighbor said, “One of his relatives got the courage to enter the bombarded, flaming home, and so, we did the same thing, and couldn’t believe what our eyes were seeing”.

The family was severely mutilated, body parts all over, people, firefighters and medics collecting heads, arms, legs…

“Our neighbor is a simple man, never hurt anybody, not a single shell was fired from his home, or anywhere nearby”, Abu Mohammad said, “The family always sits in its garden, eats and plays, but Israel’s drones did not want them alive, killed them, annihilated them and scattered the remains…”

Ministry of Health: “2145 Palestinians, Including 578 Children, Killed In Israel’s Aggression”