Palestinian medical sources report that a man and a child have died of serious injuries suffered, in different strikes, during Israel’s extensive bombardment and aggression on the Gaza Strip. The sources said resident Bassem ‘Ajjour died, on Tuesday, at a Palestinian hospital in occupied Jerusalem.

‘Ajjour, 55, was seriously injured nearly two weeks ago when the army fired a missile near his home, close to the Zahra’ School, in the center of Gaza City.

The bombardment led to the death of Sa’ad, one of the sons of ‘Ajjour, while several family members were injured.

‘Ajjour is the sixth Palestinian to die of wounds suffered during the Israeli aggression, since the ceasefire agreement was reached a week ago.

On Monday, a child died of serious wounds suffered after the army bombarded his family home in Gaza City, on August 21.

The child has been identified as Ziad ar-Reefy, 9 years of age.

The father, Nassr, 35, along with his three children, Omar and Abdullah (7 years of age), were instantly killed.

The family was watering its trees around their home when the army fired two missiles at the property, the Maan News Agency said.