An Arab Bedouin man, from the Negev, was shot and seriously injured by Israeli army fire, on Friday, in an open area in the Negev.The Arabs48 news website said the man was shot in the chest and was moved to a hospital, suffering a life-threatening injury.

The Israeli army claimed a number of Arab youths entered an area, “designated for military training” in the Negev, and “were engaged in an argument with the soldiers”.

It added the young man was shot by a commanding officer following the alleged argument, that took place when he, and several young men, entered the area driving a vehicle.

On its part, the army alleged that one of the Arab men “attempted to stab a soldier”, and was shot by two live rounds.

The army frequently conducts live fire drills in the Negev, and in a number of areas in the occupied West Bank, mainly the Jordan Valley.

Entire Bedouin communities are frequently displaced, while many Palestinians, including children, have been injured and killed, especially by explosive devices dropped by the military during training.

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