The Committee for Prisoners’ Affairs said, Monday, that 17 female Palestinian prisoners held in Hasharon Israeli prison are currently facing harsh conditions, including medical negligence and denial of family visits.Attorney for the committee, Hanan al-Khateeb, said that female prisoners have been deprived of adequate blankets to protect them from the cold winter and are denied adequate medical care.

According to WAFA Palestinian News & Info Agency, Israeli prison administration prohibits prisoners from bringing blankets and warm winter clothes from outside, but allows them to buy blankets from the prison’s canteen. The blankets sold there are reportedly very expensive, very bad in quality and do not provide proper warmth.

Some 1,500 Palestinian prisoners held by the state of Israel suffer from illnesses, 80 of whom suffer from serious health problems and do not receive the necessary treatment. Types of illnesses are said to range from malignant diseases, paralysis and other disabilities, in addition to cases of mental illnesses and neurological disorders.

To be noted, Palestinian prisoners detained in other Israeli detention centers also suffer from similar conditions and maltreatment.

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