The Israeli army demolished 20 tent homes and animal pens in the Jordan Valley village of Bardala, Wednesday afternoon. Fifty people were rendered homeless, over half of whom are children.Ahmad Jaradat | Alternative Information Center

The tent homes and animal pens, owned by the Daraghma and Sawafta families were demolished in furtherance of Israel’s goal to deport the Bedouin-Palestinian communities living in the Jordan Valley in order to further develop the area settlements.

While demolishing the structures, bulldozers also damaged nearby agricultural fields, destroying crops of vegetables on which local families were reliant for sustenance.

Bardala village, located in the northern Jordan Valley, is home to over 1,800 Bedouin-Palestinians.

And as part of its aforementioned policy to forcibly displace Palestinian communities, the Israeli army also demolished Monday three homes in the northern West Bank village of Khirbet al Tawel.

Located to the south of Nablus, Khirbet al Tawel has lost most of its land to the nearby settlements and has been demolished eight times previously.