Israeli soldiers invaded a number of Palestinian communities in the West Bank district of Bethlehem, and kidnapped five Palestinians, including a child. The army also kidnapped three children in occupied East Jerusalem.Local sources said several Israeli military vehicles invaded Beit Jala city, ‘Aida and the al-‘Azza refugee camps, broke into dozens of homes and searched them, before kidnapping the five Palestinians.

The kidnapped Palestinians have been identified as Hamza Adnan Abu Srour, 24, and Aladdin Abdul-Aziz Abu Srour, 24, from ‘Aida refugee camp, Ahmad Issam Abu Tarboush, 19, and ‘Amro Mohammad Attallah, 25, from al-‘Azza refugee camp, and a child identified as Sajed Ahmad Jawareesh, 15, from al-Jadawel area in Beit Jala.

In addition, soldiers kidnapped three children, while heading to school, in Silwan town in occupied East Jerusalem.

Local sources said the soldiers kidnapped Mahmoud Dweik, Mohammad Dweik and Abdul-Rahman Dweik, and took them to an interrogation center in the city. The kidnapped children are 9-14 years of age.