Israeli soldiers invaded, on Thursday at dawn, the southern West Bank city of Hebron, and the nearby towns of Doura and as-Sammoa’, south of the city, and kidnapped three Palestinians, including a child. Media sources said the soldiers invaded and ransacked several homes, in Hebron city, and kidnapped Jeddawi Hani Abu Haikal, 18 years of age.

In addition, soldiers kidnapped a child identified as Bader Abed ad-Darabee’, 15 years of age, after storming his family’s home in Doura town, southwest of Hebron.

The soldiers also kidnapped Salem Mohammad al-‘Amid, 21, from his home the as-Sammoa’ town, south of Hebron.

Local sources said the soldiers violently searched the invaded homes, causing property damage, and interrogated the families.

In related news, several military vehicles invaded Burqin town, and stormed a Coffee Shop belonging to Ahmad Abu Khallouf, before inspecting the ID cards of the residents.

Army also invaded the nearby town of Az-Zababda, and drove around in its street before withdrawing later on.

In other news, the ‘Ofer Israeli Military Court, sentenced four Palestinian detainees to arbitrary Administrative Detention without charges or trial.

The Palestinian Prisoner Society said Mohammad Abu Jom’a, from Jericho, received a four-month detention order, while detainees Hamza Msaffar, Yazid Abu al-Hajj and Khaled Suleiman have been sentenced to three months each.

Several Palestinians Injured In Jenin