The Popular Resistance activists and the people of Jerusalem on Tuesday, February 3, 2015 were able to construct a number of tents. They called them ‘Jerusalem Gate’. These tents were constructed as a manifestation in protest against the occupation and colonial settler policies which are practiced on Palestinian lands in occupied East Jerusalem, Abu Dies and Al Eizarieh, which are threatened with confiscation.

Israeli forces announced that they will demolish these tents hours after their construction.

In the early morning hours of February 4, 2015, a day after the establishment of the symbolic village, the area was raided by the Israeli army’s bulldozers. The occupation army used gas bombs and stun grenades against the activists. The occupation army demolished the tents and the iron structure which the activists used to sleep in. After the brutal assault on the protesters and activists, they immediately returned to the area and rebuilt the tents, including those that remained.

They declared that the battle against the occupation will continue until their schemes are foiled.
Popular resistance activists and the residents of the threatened land in Al Eizarieh and Abu Dis will continue to construct these tents with the aim of expressing their rejection, as well as their continuing solidarity in standing against the policies of the military which are leading to the further confiscation of Palestinian lands and the expulsion of Bedouin communities in East Jerusalem.

Israeli continues its daily assault against Palestinians in these areas through the demolition of their homes, as was the case in Arab Al Ka’abneh two weeks ago. Residents were expelled to join a larger collective of people in the Jordan Valley against their will and without any consultation with the community.

See 02/08/15 Jerusalem Gate Village Demolished for the 4th Time for further details.