As daily violations continue under Israeli policies in the occupied Palestinian territories, on Wednesday, the Israeli army conducted predawn raids across several West Bank districts, searching homes and sabotaging furniture, while abducting at least 13 Palestinians, according to reports by local media and security sources.In Ramallah, army forces broke into al-Jalazonerefugee camp and took at least two Palestinians. They were identified as Ahmad Dalaysheh, 19, and Sameh Gawanmeh, 18.

Meanwhile, in Hebron, the army stormed the towns of Bani Naim and Beit Kahil, where they kidnapped Salem Tarayra, 27, Laith Asafra, 21, and Mohammad Azzam Asafra, 22.

In the meantime, Israeli forces stormed the nearby village of al-Koum and kidnapped three Palestinians, one of whom was identified as Osama Rjoub, 23, a released prisoner.

Soldiers also stormed the villages of Huwara, Qabalan, Aqraba and Awarta, in the Nablus district, where at least four Palestinians were abducted. They were identified as Khalid al-Qadi, 30, Rabah Shahrouj, Akram Abu Haniya and Sami Huwari.

Haniya is a Palestinian Authority security officer, according to Ma’an News Agency, who reports that forces confiscated a PA-issued handgun and personal hunting rifle from Haniya’s house during the raid.

During the attack on southern Nablus villages, Israeli soldiers sabotaged the furniture of several homes, destroyed their content and, then, broke into the village of Kherbet at-Tawil, near Nablus city, where they seized construction materials used at a work site in the village, local sources reported.

Soldiers carry out raids and arrest campaigns throughout Israeli-occupied West Bank towns and cities almost daily.

Meanwhile, head of the local council of the village of Wadi Fukin, to the west of Bethlehem, said that an army force broke into the village and raided and searched a number of homes. There were no reports of arrests in the village, however.

Currently, more than 6,500 Palestinians including minors and women are held in Israeli jails.

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