Israeli occupation forces, Monday morning, again opened fire on fishermen boats off the Gaza shores.Local sources said, according to the PNN, that Israeli military boats targeted the civilian boats; no injuries were reported..

Last Monday, Al Quds newspaper said that Israeli naval forces have continued to target Palestinian fishermen off Gaza coast, injuring several Palestinians since the beginning of the fire truce following the last Israeli attack on Gaza last summer..

Following disengagement from the Gaza Strip in September 2005, Israel unilaterally and illegally established a so-called ‘buffer zone’, an area prohibited to Palestinians along the land and sea borders of the Gaza Strip. .

The precise area designated by Israel as a ‘buffer zone’ is not clear and this Israeli policy is typically enforced with live fire. The establishment of the ‘buffer zone’ is illegal under both Israeli and international law.

See PCHR-Gaza: Israeli Buffer Zone Policies Typically Enforced with Live Fire for further info.