Israeli military courts renewed, Monday, Administrative Detention orders, without charges, against 15 Palestinian political prisoners for periods varying between 3 and 6 months.The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) has reported that the fifteen detainees have previously received similar detention orders, two or three consecutive times, and that some of them have been held by Israel for several years, under the same orders.

Administrative Detention orders are based on what Israel calls “secret files” against the detainees, files that neither the detainees, nor their lawyers, can access.

More than 6000 held are held in 18 Israeli prisons, detention and interrogation centers, including 284 Administrative Detainees, 250 children, and 9 elected legislators.

Thirty detainees have been imprisoned since more than twenty years, while 480 detainees are serving at least one life term.

1500 detainees are sick and largely denied access to urgently needed professional medical attention; they suffer from various conditions, including cancer, liver diseases and other serious issues.

The detainees, who received renewed Administrative Detention orders, are:

1. Yahia Hasan Ladadwa from Ramallah; 4 months.
2. Ayyoub al-‘Awawda from Hebron, 4 months.
3. Zakariyya Abdul-Hamid ‘Oweidat, Hebron, 3 months.
4. Noureddin Jihad al-Qawasma, Hebron, 4 months.
5. Rami Hisham Abu Safiyya, Hebron, 3 months.
6. Mahmoud Bader Ekhlayyel, Hebron, 6 months.
7. Mustafa Omar Bodeir, Tulkarem, 3 months.
8. Omar Ahmad Qaraqra, Bethlehem, 3 months.
9. Husam Mohammad Batami, Nablus, 3 months.
10. Mohammad Qassem Obeid, Jenin, 6 months.
11. Rami Na’im al-Khatib, Hebron, 4 months.
12. Khaled Aziz Barad’eyya, Hebron, 4 months.
13. Kayed Fawzi Abu ar-Reesh, Nablus, 6 months.
14. Bilal Salim Salhab, Hebron, 6 months.
15. Omar Atallah Issa, Nablus, 3 months.

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