The Independent Commission for Human Rights warned, this Saturday, of the aggravated humanitarian situation in Gaza, due to continued electricity outage, calling on defacto Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas for immediate intervention in ending the crisis.Deputy Commissioner-General of the Commission Issam Younis stated in a press conference, Saturday, that the humanitarian conditions in Gaza are worsening more and more, as a result of the continued electricity cuts and the reduction of electricity hours.

He stressed, according to Al Ray, that the situations are intolerable, as the ongoing crisis has grave impacts on all Gazans’ walks of life.’Politicizing the electricity crisis affected the life of Gazans, calling on all officials to hold their responsibilities,’ he added.

Coordinator of Public Relations and Media in the commission, Bahgat al-Helo, expressed grave concern over the suffering of the people of Gaza.

The official stance of Palestinian officials in the West Bank and Gaza, regarding the crisis, has affected the economic and social aspects of life in the region.

The commission shed the light on Gazans’ collective plight, explaining that the people have been suffering under the tightening blockade, collective punishments, restricting the people movement, the lack of goods, services, basic needs, medical supplies, fuel and electricity for nine years.

It added that the electricity blackouts are aggravated in the summer, especially during the heat wave, depriving the people of drinking water. It also affected kidney patients and the premature.

In addition, the Israeli policy which deprived the Gaza Strip of adequate and constant electricity constitute, according to the commission, a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law.

It stressed that this, in turn, required the signatory state parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention direct immediate intervention in putting pressure on the occupation to stop its practices, and to meet its obligations regarding the rights of the civilian population in Gaza.

ICHR calls for an immediate agreement to solve the electricity crisis, and save the lives of people.

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