Israeli soldiers kidnapped, Thursday, six more Palestinians in the ath-Thaheriyya town, south of the southern West Bank city of Hebron, and took them to a number of detention and interrogation facilities. Media sources in Hebron said dozens of soldiers invaded the town before breaking into, and violently searching, several homes, and kidnapped six Palestinians.

The kidnapped have been identified as Amjad Majed al-Hawarin, 30, Hasan Misbah Wreidat, 31, ‘Ala Mohammad Najjar, 33, his brother Raed, 25, Rafe’ Majed Wreidat, 32, and Ismael Hamad Najjar, 27 years of age.

Earlier on Thursday, soldiers kidnapped five Palestinians in Hebron city and several nearby communities after violently searching their homes.


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