The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) has reported that the Israeli army has kidnapped, on Wednesday, 22 Palestinians, including children and a journalist, in different parts of the occupied West Bank, including Jerusalem.The PPS said the soldiers invaded and violently searched many homes, in the al-‘Isawiyya town, in occupied Jerusalem, and kidnapped seven Palestinians identified as Qathaf Abu Rajab, Nadim Obeid, Shadi Dirbas, Mo’men Mahmoud, 15, Hamza Abu Rmeila, Yazan Abu Assab, 14, and Mo’tasem Abu Assan, 24.

In addition, the soldiers kidnapped Aesha Wafiq Jomhour, 19, from Beit Anan town, after stopping her on the Qalandia Terminal, north of Jerusalem.

The PPS stated that the soldiers invaded the Deheishe refugee camp, south of Bethlehem, searched many homes and kidnapped five Palestinians, identified as Rabea’ Malek Raqaban, 25, Mohammad As’ad Daoud, 23, Khalil Ahmad ‘Arafa, 24, Qussai Abu Salem and Ahmad ‘Aref Sar’awi.

In the northern West Bank district of Jenin, the soldiers kidnapped Raja Qabaha, and his brother ‘Ayed and Younis, in Barta’a town.

In Qalqilia district, also in the northern part of the West Bank, the soldiers kidnapped two Palestinians, identified as Bilal Sa’id Suwwan and Na’im Abdul-Latif Ghanem.

The PPS further said that the soldiers kidnapped a journalist, identified as Sami Sa’id as-Sa’ey, and al-Motasembillah Abdulla al-Jaroushi, 29, in the northern West Bank district of Tulkarem.

In Jericho, the soldiers kidnapped two Palestinians, identified as Jibreel Ibrahim Kharabeesh and Khaled Abdul-Aziz Safi.

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