Israel has redeployed the Iron Dome missile interception system in settlements close to the border with the Gaza Strip. Israeli sources said the measure comes in the aftermath of the death of two Palestinians, in Hebron, especially the one who was executed after he was already shot and severely injured.Israeli TV Channel 2 said that following videotaped execution of the wounded Palestinian, the army deployed Iron Dome systems in Ashdod and Nativot.

The extra-judicially executed Palestinian has been identified as Abdul-Fattah Yosri Sharif; another Palestinian, Ramzi Aziz Qasrawi, was shot and instantly killed.

Soldier Executes A Wounded Palestinian

Warning! Graphic Content – Viewer Discretion Advised Israeli Soldier Executes A Wounded Palestinian In Hebron

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The “Jewish Press” agency said the Iron Dome system has been redeployed in many areas, south of the country, especially near Sderot and Nativot, close to the border with the Gaza Strip.

It claimed that the motive for the redeployment ‘remains unclear,’ especially since Tel Aviv did not reveal whether it was related to a ‘credible threat,’ or merely a ‘routine move.’

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The execution of the Palestinian in Hebron would have gone unnoticed, similar to many previous incidents, but the fact that it was captured on film, and went spiral on the Internet, pushed Israel to, and its Prime Minister, to denounce it.

There have been a few instances where similar executions were caught on tape, including the case of Hadeel Wajeeh ‘Awwad, 16, who was executed in occupied Jerusalem, after she was shot and seriously injured, following what appears to be an attempted stabbing attack.

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Execution After NeutralizationRelated: Child Killed, Her Friend Seriously Injured, In Jerusalem

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Another case was the fatal shooting of Mahdi Mohammad Ramadan al-Mohtasib, 23 years of age, who was shot near the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron.

Video: "Soldier Fires Fatal Shot On Wounded Palestinian In Hebron"

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Another case is the killing of Mohammad Abu Khalaf, 20, who was first shot by the soldiers in Jerusalem, and fell onto the ground bleeding and incapacitated, when six of the militarized police officers fired more than 50 rounds at him, killing him instantly.

#شاهد | عملية إعدام ميدانية جديدة في #القدس_المحتلة، كانت كاميرا #الجزيرة شاهدة على تفاصيلها المروعةتقرير: إلياس كرام

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