A new video shows the Israeli soldier, who executed a seriously wounded Palestinian in Hebron, last Thursday, shaking hands with fanatic leader, colonialist settler, Baroch Marzel, who frequently calls for killing, and expelling, the Palestinians.The video shows the soldier walking towards Marzel for the sole reason of shaking his hands, while other soldiers could be seen removing the body of the slain Palestinian, identified as Abdul-Fattah Sharif.

Commenting on the video, Marzel claimed he didn’t know that the soldier who walked to him, and shook his hand, was actually one who executed the wounded Palestinian.

‘Should I have known who he was; I would have hugged him, and would have kissed him, for what he did,’ Marzel stated, ‘I wouldn’t just shake his hand.’

Whenever the Israeli army kills a Palestinian in Hebron, Marzel goes to the site to salute them and express his support to them.

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He is known to even bring food to Israeli soldiers, manning military roadblocks in Hebron, and even would give pizza to soldiers who killed Palestinians.

Marzel is a senior Israeli Orthodox Jewish politician who was born in the United States, and lives, along with his wife and nine children, in an illegal colonialist outpost, in Palestinian property in Tel Romeida neighborhood in Hebron city.

He was also a senior member of the terrorist Kach movement, and was its spokesperson for more than ten years. he was also elected as the head of the secretariat of Kach, after the movement’s leader Meir Kahane was assassinated in New York.

Although Marzel was frequently arrested by the Israeli police and army, and acquired a criminal record of more than 40 incitements, and a 12-month suspended sentence for violent attacks, not only against the Palestinians, but also against Israeli Police Officers, he served as a parliamentary assistant of Member of Knesset Michael Ben-Ari.

Soldier Executes A Wounded Palestinian

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The Boston-born fanatic led a protest against Pope Frances during his visit to Jerusalem, and described Pope Frances as an ‘impure pontiff,’ and said that the Pope should ‘leave our holy country.’

He also described U.S. President Barack Obama as an ‘anti-Semitic Jew Hater.’

It is worth mentioning that the head of ‘Israel Our Home’ far-right party Avigdor Lieberman expressed his support and solidarity with the soldier who executed Sharif in Hebron.

Lieberman even filed an official request to visit the soldier, who is currently detained under interrogation, but the Israeli Defense Ministry rejected it.

He said he wanted to visit the soldier to inform him that he, and various members of Knesset, stand by him.