President Mahmoud Abbas lit the torch on Sunday evening, in Ramallah, marking the 53rd anniversary of the launch of the Palestinian liberation revolution and Fateh movement.

Speaking on this occasion, Abbas reiterated his commitment to establishing an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital, based on the 1967 borders and a just solution for the outstanding issues, including the refugees and the detainees in Israeli jails.

Abbas said the leadership will continue all the political and diplomatic efforts to join all international organizations and treaties, as well as efforts to achieve more recognition of the independent State of Palestine from countries that have not yet recognized it.

“We will not accept the status quo. We will not accept the apartheid system. We will not accept occupation without cost, and you [Israel] must rethink your aggressive policies and actions against our people, our land and our holy places before it is too late,” Abbas told the gathering.

The president said, according to WAFA, that any solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict should be based on the international resolutions, including UN General Assembly Resolution 19/67 of 2012, Security Council Resolution 2334 of 2016, and the resolutions of the Palestinian National Council and the Arab Peace Initiative, all of which affirm the establishment of the State of Palestine on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.

On Palestinian reconciliation efforts, Abbas said: “We will continue with all sincerity and perseverance to work to unify our land and our people and achieve national reconciliation… I assure our people that we are moving in the path of reconciliation confidently and urgently. We will embark on a strong national unity,” Abbas told the gathering.

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