Extremist settlers, early Monday early morning, erected a large tent on the Kafl Haris roundabout, to the north of Salfit, following a shooting that took place near the Ariel settlement, killing what is now reported to be a total of three soldiers.

According to local PNN sources, large numbers of settlers were sitting inside the tent, protected by Israeli soldiers. Citizens now fear that the tent will be the beginning of a series of attacks on their properties and homes.

It is worth mentioning that Israeli occupation forces, yesterday, closed the entrances of Kafel Hares, Hashar and Deir Istiya, in search of the shooter near Ariel, which is located on land belonging to Palestinian citizens.

Dozens of settlers were deployed at the road intersections of Salfit governorate, the main streets linking with the other governorates, and the Yitzhar junction, to the south of Nablus. They threw stones at vehicles passing by the road between Nablus and Qalqilia, damaging several of them.

03/18/19 Update: “Israeli Soldiers Shoot Two Palestinians, Abduct Two Others, Near Salfit”