Israeli soldiers invaded, Wednesday, Ya’bad town, southwest of the northern West Bank city of Jenin, destroyed a recently paved road, and prevented the Local Council from starting the construction of a multipurpose center.

The Mayor of Ya’bad, Samer Abu Bakr, said dozens of soldiers in several army jeeps, and a military bulldozer, invaded Emreeha area in the town, closed the road leading to the land where the center is planned to be built, and destroyed the newly paved road.

Abu Bakr added that the Local Council which approved the construction, has already started the foundation work for the center, and said that the soldiers prevented him and members of the council, from even approaching the area.

He stated that the planned building, which Israel is trying to prevent, aims at constructing a medical center for women and children, a kindergarten and a daycare center, with a total size of 320 square/meters.

Three weeks ago, the soldiers invaded Ya’bad, and illegally confiscated a mobile home, where an elderly woman lived.