On Thursday, the Israeli occupation army released a Palestinian who was shot and injured several days ago when the army invaded the Aqabat Jaber refugee camp in Jericho city in the northeastern West Bank and killed another young man.

Media sources said the army released Ibrahim Habash from the Aqabat Jaber refugee camp; he was shot by the soldiers when they invaded it on April 24, 2023.

Ibrahin was injured by the random army fire during the invasion when the soldiers killed Suleiman Ayesh Hussein Oweid, 20, before taking his corpse away.

Habash was among three wounded Palestinians when the soldiers abducted three others, including two siblings.

It is worth mentioning that, On Thursday, the soldiers killed a Palestinian security officer, Ahmad Yacoub Taha, 39, from Bidiya town, west of Salfit in the central West Bank, after shooting him near Hares village, west of the city.

The Palestinian Health Ministry said the soldiers killed Ahmad Yacoub Taha, 39, from Bidiya town, west of Salfit.