B’Tselem: Israel Demolishes Palestinian Homes, Makes Palestinians Homeless

09 Jan
5:19 AM

The Israeli occupation has demolished at least 1,401 Palestinian residential units in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem, between 2006 and 2018, an Israeli rights group has revealed.

According to the rights group B’Tselem, Israeli demolitions caused have caused some 6,207 people, including at least 3,134 minors, to lose their homes.

The Israeli occupation has repeatedly demolished homes of Palestinian communities unrecognized by the occupation state.

From 2006 through 31 December 2018, the homes of at least 1,014 people living in these communities, including 485 minors, were demolished more than once.

In addition, from January 2016 through 31 December 2018, the Civil Administration (the Israeli military body which controls the occupied Palestinian territories) also demolished 630 non-residential structures, including fences, cisterns, roads, storerooms, farm buildings, businesses and public buildings in the occupied West Bank alone, Days of Palestine reports.

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