Israeli media reports said on Friday that Israeli authorities, in control of the occupied Palestinian territories, decided to close the territories from next Monday, through Tuesday.

The reports added that the closure will include the West Bank and the Gaza Strip and that the authorities cited parliamentary Israeli elections, which are slated for Monday, March 2, 2020.

However, the decision excludes humanitarian cases, involving patients in need of treatment, at Israeli or West Bank hospitals.

Other categories of Palestinian travelers will be barred from crossing into Israel-ruled regions.

Both Gaza and the West Bank are populated by Palestinians, who have nothing to do with Israeli elections.

Closing their territories affects the movement of both people and goods, as Israeli border crossings are the main gateways, in and out of Palestinian territories.

Israeli elections, to be held next Monday, are the third round after two similar rounds in April and September of last year, had failed to bring an elected Israeli government.