Israeli tanks have been moving in to Rafah, on day 259 of the Israeli assault on the entire population of 2.4 million Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip. At least 25 were killed in a bombing of a refugee camp in al-Mawasi, which several weeks ago was deemed a ‘safe area’ by Israeli authorities, who ordered the already displaced people in southern Gaza to move there.

Also in Rafah, in the southern part of of the Gaza Strip, two Palestinians were killed and others were injured in an Israeli raid that targeted the Khirbet Al-Adas area, north of the city.

A correspondent with the Wafa news agency said that the Israeli occupation aircraft broke the sound barrier in two areas, and as soon as the citizens gathered, they were targeted with a missile, which led to a massacre in which 25 civilians were killed and many more seriously injured.

The Palestine Red Crescent Society reported that its crews were dealing with a large number of killed and injuries after the occupation targeted the tents of the displaced in Rafah’s Mawasi Camp.

Less than a month earlier, Israeli forces also targeted the Mawasi camp, killing 70 refugees in their tents.

A number of Palestinians, including children, were injured when the Israeli occupation aircraft bombed a house for the Al-Sharif family, east of Al-Nuseirat, in the central Gaza Strip. They were transferred to Al-Awda Hospital, where the injury of the infant girl Tulin Al-Sharif (6 months) was described as serious.

In central Gaza, 5 Palestinians were killed in the Israeli occupation aircraft’s bombing of two residential apartments in the center of Gaza City.

A Wafa news correspondent reported that ambulance and rescue crews were able to recover the bodies of five killed and a number of wounded after the Israeli occupation aircraft targeted two residential apartments for the “Mushtaha” and “Abu Al-Atta” families behind the Deir Al-Latin School in the Old Gaza area in central Gaza City.

The Israeli occupation aircraft also bombed a house for the “Salah” family in the Beach Camp, west of Gaza City, resulting in the deaths of at least 10 Palestinians and the injury of 17 others who were transferred to Al-Ahli Al-Arabi Hospital.

Later, two Palestinians were killed in an Israeli occupation bombing that targeted a gathering of citizens in the Al-Zaytoun neighborhood.

A number of citizens were injured in a raid launched by the occupation aircraft near Wadi Gaza in the central Gaza Strip.


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Day 259: Israeli Military Continues Assault on Gaza Civilians

Published on: Jun 21, 2024 at 10:34

On Friday, day 259 of the Israeli aggression against the entire civilian population of the Gaza Strip, a number of Palestinians were killed and injured before dawn, in Israeli occupation bombings that targeted several areas of the Gaza Strip.

In the city of Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip, citizens Yassin Muhammad al-Amour, Mahmoud Adel al-Najjar, and his son Adel were killed in the al-Fukhari area, east of the city, and their bodies were transferred to the European Gaza Hospital.

A number of Palestinians were also injured in occupation raids that targeted two homes in the Al-Tuffah and Al-Shujaiya neighborhoods, east of Gaza City, and were subsequently transferred to the Baptist Hospital in the city.

The Israeli occupation artillery fired several shells towards the Al-Zaytoun neighborhood, southeast of Gaza City, and towards the northern areas of the Nuseirat camp, and several areas east of the city of Deir Al-Balah, the town of Al-Masdar, and the Al-Maghazi camp in the central Strip.

The occupation forces also opened fire towards the eastern border areas of the city of Khan Yunis, and the vicinity of the European Hospital, southeast of the city, south of the Gaza Strip, while an Israeli Apache helicopter fired bullets towards the eastern area of ​​the city of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip.

Also, the occupation aircraft launched violent raids on various areas of the city of Rafah, while the occupation forces blew up residential buildings in the Saudi neighborhood west of the city.

The Israeli military has announced the death of two more soldiers who were reportedly killed during a Hamas attack in the central Gaza Strip on Thursday.

It brings the Israeli military death toll to 314.

The Israeli occupation forces have continued their aggression against the Gaza Strip, by land, sea and air, since October 7, 2023, resulting in the death of more than 37,431 citizens and the injury of 85,653 others, an infinite toll, as thousands of victims are still under the rubble.