The European Union (EU) said, on Wednesday, that it delivered the Palestinian Authority the quarterly payment of a €50-million to support poor and vulnerable Palestinian families in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.


According to the press release, the contribution is funded by the European Union, which provided 10 million euros, the Spanish government, which contributed 1 million euros, and Ireland, which contributed 0.28 million euros. The pledge will contribute to support some 67,500 families, about 80% of them in the Gaza Strip.


The release further stated, according to Al Ray,that  the EU funds will cover the social allowances for more than 115,000 families. This quarterly payment is channeled in times of heightened tensions in Gaza. and a difficult situation for the people living there.


Toman Niklasson, Deputy EU Representative said that “The fight against poverty is at the heart of the EU’s political, economic, and social agenda.”


“Through contributing to the payment of social allowances, the EU is supporting the Palestinian Authority in providing social protection to those in need. This is particularly crucial in Gaza where we are facing alarming and increasing poverty rates.” he said.

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