Illegal Israeli settlers, on Tuesday, just one day after a similar incident, attacked Palestinian farmers in the village of Burqa, injuring two men, according to the head of the Wall and Settlements Resistance Commission, Walid Assaf

Assaf told Palestinian WAFA News Agency that local farmers, were able after many years to access their olive crops east of Ramallah in the central West Bank, with the support of dozens of volunteers.

He added that when the farmers began to harvest the olives, illegal Israeli settlers, attacked them, injuring two, while being provided cover by the occupation soldiers.

Assaf said the volunteers helped the Palestinian farmers confront the illegal colonists, and were successful in fending them off.

Sources said that more than 50 illegal Israeli settlers ambushed a group of farmers, assaulting them with batons and spraying them with pepper spray, injuring four, the Palestinian Information Center reported.