In response to Israel’s horrific massacre of dozens of unarmed Palestinians, and wounding of thousands, in Gaza, the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) has organised a series of protests around Ireland to take place today. Protests are expected to continue in Gaza, and casualties are expected to mount.

There will be protests today Tuesday 15th May in Dublin (6pm The Spire), Belfast (6pm, International Peace Wall), Derry (8pm, Free Derry Corner), Galway (6pm Eyre Sqaure), Limerick (6.30pm, Thomas Street), Omagh (1pm, Market Street) and Waterford (6pm, Clock Tower).

IPSC National Chairperson Fatin Al Tamimi said: “The IPSC condemns this latest massacre of unarmed Palestinians by Israeli occupation forces. This is the single deadliest day for Palestinians in the occupied territories in four years. The ‘Great March of Return’ protests come on the 70th Anniversary of the Nakba – the expulsion of over 750,000 Palestinians, two thirds of the indigenous Arab population, from their homes by Israeli forces between 1947 and 1949. In the face of seven decades of consistent failure by the international community to enforce their inalienable rights, Palestinian civil society has taken it upon itself to enact their UN mandated Right of Return. In doing this, unarmed protestors are being met with Israeli snipers’ bullets. Over 100 unarmed Palestinians have been slaughtered over the past two months, and nothing has been done to punish Israel. Instead the US celebrates by moving its Embassy to Jerusalem and blocks UN Security Council resolutions condemning the killings. Meanwhile the EU continues to reward Israel with increased cooperation and taxpayer money. The entire situation is utterly shameful and sickening.”

Ms Tamimi concluded: “We commend the Irish government for summoning the Israeli Ambassador; however, words are not enough. The ambassador for apartheid and his staff should be expelled, and the Irish Ambassador in Tel Aviv recalled, just as South Africa has done. Ireland must also end the bilateral arms trade with Israel and call for an international military embargo on this state that is murdering vast numbers of Palestinians in cold blood. Ireland must call for the suspension of the EU-Israel Association Agreement, as Israel is in clear breach of its human rights clause. Finally, the Irish government and all opposition parties must support Sen. Frances Black’s upcoming bill seeking to prohibit the import of goods from occupied territories, including Israeli settlements in Palestine.“

According to WAFA, thousands of South Africans in the city of Cape Town, on Tuesday, also took to the streets to protest Israel’s killing of unarmed Palestinian protesters, and injuring thousands, in the Gaza Strip.

Thousands of protesters representing parliamentarians, the African National Congress (ANC), South Africa’s governing political party, religious figures including Jews, Christians, Muslims and Hindus, as well, joined the march to voice their rejection of the bloody events on Monday.

Protesters said that what happened in Gaza on Monday is not an issue of religion but a human cause and called for an immediate end to the bloodshed.