Gaza Water Reservoir Operating Again with Help from Germany

09 Mar
9:34 PM

Thanks to a 9-million euro fund from the German government, the Muntar water reservoir in Gaza, destroyed by Israel during its summer 2014 military onslaught, is once again operating.

Germany’s Representative to the Palestinian Authority, Peter Beerwerth, and Palestinian Minister of Water, Mazen Ghneim, inaugurated the rebuilt reservoir in ceremonies held on Thursday.

Work on rebuilding the 5000-cubic meter reservoir, considered vital for Gaza’s water supply, started in October 2014, according to WAFA.

The fund also went to rehabilitating a destroyed water well in the area, in addition to another water reservoir, pumping stations and water lines and roads leading to the site.

Beerwerth said that Germany continues to support development in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

While rebuilding Muntar water reservoir is one of these projects financed by Germany, it is also working on a 65- million euro project to build a waste water treatment plant in central Gaza.

Germany’s total contribution to Palestinian infrastructure in water and waste water projects has reached 350 million euros, said a statement by the German Representative Office in Ramallah.

(photo: YouTube)

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