The head of Gaza’s Water Authority, Mazen Ghoneim, today, announced the completion of the sea water desalination plant project in Gaza City.

Ghoneim said, in a press release, that the experimental operation of the station, which has a capacity of producing 10,000 cubic meters per day, will serve more than 200,000 citizens living in Gaza and northern Gaza districts.

He said that the water from this station will be mixed with the water reservoirs constructed by the Water Authority.

He pointed out that work is underway to connect the station to the electricity network to ensure continuity and stability of its work in order to move to permanent operation expected to be in less than three months.

He thanked the sponsors of this project, which cost $15 million funded by the Kuwaiti Fund through the Islamic Development Bank in cooperation with the Coastal Municipality Water Utility.

Ghoneim stressed that the project was completed after three years, during which the Water Authority was able to overcome all the challenges, especially Israel’s refusal to allow the entry of materials necessary for electro-mechanical equipment.

The Gaza water desalination plant is the second station to be completed in 2019, after the Deir al-Balah station in accordance with the Water Authority’s plan to supply the two million residents of the Gaza Strip with safe drinking water, develop water services and stop the deterioration of the underground water reservoir.

Meanwhile in Ramallah, today, Ghoneim signed a memorandum of understanding with the head of Department for International Development (DFID) office in Palestine Colleen Wainwright to support the construction of central desalination plant in the Gaza Strip, at a cost of 9 million Sterling pounds.

Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh said the plant is very important, for the Gaza Strip, to relieve its residents from their suffering, since the water situation in Gaza has reached a very critical stage.

(Al Ray archive image)