Yet another malnutrition death; Gazans surrounded by sewage, garbage, insects; starvation setting in; out of 10,000+ medical evacuations needed, 19 permitted to leave; Gaza’s ambulance rescue service about to stop due to lack of fuel; Biden admin about to release part of suspended bomb shipment; Congress votes to conceal Gaza death toll; much more.

By If Americans Knew staff, from reports.


Middle East Eye reports: Israeli air strikes and artillery heavily bombed Gaza City’s Shujaiya neighborhood on Thursday amid a fresh ground assault on the war-ravaged residential area, forcing tens of thousands to flee.

At least seven Palestinians were killed and 40 wounded, including children, women and the elderly, according to initial estimates. Some civilians were struck while taking shelter at a UN school, and others while fleeing.

First responders were not able to reach the affected areas due to the heavy bombardment.

Some eyewitnesses reported:

    • “They bombed the neighborhood so heavily, and the house was shaking as if it was an earthquake.”
    • “I carried my two children and ran out with my family in seconds without taking any of our belongings”
    • “We are walking now without knowing where to go…tanks and drones shoot everyone indiscriminately.”
    • “Dozens of people were injured and killed in front of my eyes.”

The Israeli military issued displacement orders to citizens of Shujaiya hours after the bombing began, instructing them to move south. No further details were provided.

Israeli forces have previously killed and detained many people who complied with military orders and fled through “safe corridors” to so-called “humanitarian zones”.