Israeli soldiers in al-Eesawiyya (image from

One Friday evening, Israeli troops invaded the village of al-‘Isawiya, northeast of occupied Jerusalem. The troops attacked the home of Ghaseb Abu Asab in the village of Al-‘Isawiya, which led to confrontations with local youth.

Dozens of young men took to the streets when the army invaded and began to throw stones at the soldiers and to shout at the soldiers to leave. The Israeli soldiers fired a barrage of tear gas canisters, causing numerous Palestinians to suffer from tear gas inhalation.

No one was hospitalized from the exposure to the noxious gas, but a number of people were treated on-site.

The Israeli forces also raided and searched the house of the Palestinian citizen Abu Asab in the neighborhood of the martyr Muhammad Obeid.

The village of al-‘Isawiya has been the target of frequent Israeli invasions, since it was added to a list of expansion sites by Israeli authorities. Numerous Palestinian homeowners in the village have either had their homes destroyed by Israeli forces, or have been forced to demolish their own homes or face excessive fines.